​                                                       For Pickup -Please Call : 203-720-1515/1616    

          Wen's Poke'  Bowl



Edamame (Japanese soybeans w. sea salt ) 4.50

Gyoza (Japanese pork dumpling) (6pcs) 4.99
Shrimp Shumai ( shrimp dumpling) (6pcs) 4.95
Scallion Pancake 4.50

Crab Rangoon (6pcs)  5.99
Thai Vegetable Spring Roll (deep-fried) ( 2 Pcs ) 4.50 

*Rocky Shrimp 7.50
(Tempura shrimp tossed with mild spicy yum yum sauce)

Szechuan  Dumpling (please choose spicy or no spicy)  6.50

Sweet Potato Tempura (6pcs) 5.50

Miso soup (Soybean Broth with seaweed,tofu and scallion) 2.00

Wonton Soup (pork) 2.00

Thai Tom Yum Soup (Spicy lemongrass broth)

with Mix Vegetable 4.50
with shrimp 5.95

House Salad with Ginger Dressing 3.50
(Fresh lettuce, spring mix with cucumber and carrot drenched in our famous ginger dressing)
Seaweed salad 5.50
(fresh seaweed seasoned to perfection in a sesame seeds & red pepper)
Spicy Kani Salad 6.50
(Crab and cucumber mixed with a tobiko, spicy mayonnaise blend)
Avocado Garden Salad 5.50
(Our house salad topped with avocado and sesame seeds)


Teriyaki Bowl 
( Teriyaki Bowl will served with steamed Broccoli and Carrot)
(Please choose Withe Rice or Brown Rice) (with Hibachi Fried Rice+$1.50)

Add a small Miso Soup , Wonton Soup or Salad for $1.25

                                                                                                          Lunch             Dinner

         with Organic Tofu                                                     8.50                   9.95     
    with Mix Vegetable                                                    8.50                   9.95
    with Chicken ( White Meat Chicken)                       
9.95                 11.95
    with Shrimp                                                             
10.95                 15.95

    with Salmon                                                             11.95                 16.95

    You can Choose Teriyaki sauce or Spicy General Tso Sauce!


Hibachi Fried Rice 
( Premium Sushi Grade, Medium Short Grain Rice )

Add a small Miso Soup , Wonton Soup or Salad for $1.25​
  Plain ( pea, carrot, red onion, egg & sesame seed)                        5.95

  with Mix Vegetable                                                                               8.50
  with Chicken (White meat Chicken)                                                 
    with Shrimp                                                                                      


   Hawaiian Poke Bowl  

                                              Hawaii's favorite food, healthy, delicious and totally unique.

                                                                           ( Poke "POH-keh ) 

                                      Add a small Miso Soup , Wonton Soup or Salad for $1.25

1st.Choose Your Base  

                      White Rice                             Brown Rice                         Sushi Rice

                         Iceberg Lettuce                    Soba Noodle +$2.00             Hibachi Fried Rice +$1.00

2nd.Choose Your Proteins

                                 ( One protein $ 8.50, Two proteins $10.95, Three Proteins $13.50)

                       Grilled Chicken,                Organic Tofu                    Spicy crab meat,           

                    Spicy Tuna ( raw )              Tuna ( raw )                      Salmon ( raw )

3rd.Choose Your Mix-ins (  up to 4 )

       Edamame                   Corn                Carrot                   English cucumber 

     Sweet onion               Pineapple        Cherry tomato      Mandarin Orange

Seaweed salad           Sweet Radish   Avocado +$1.00      Fresh Mango 

4th. Choose Your Topping (  up to 2 ) 

Cilantro                                 Chopped Peanut                       Jalapeno

            Sesame Seed                         Crispy Onion                           Tempura Crunch

          Pickled Ginger                      Green Onion                            Wonton Crisps

5th​. Choose Your Flavor (  up to 2 ) 

Spicy Mayonnaise               Eel Sauce                          Wasabi Yuzu  

                 Sweet Chili                          Ginger Dressing                Avocado Mayo                       Honey Wasabi                     Sweet Soy Sauce              Yum Yum Sauce   


***********                         DESSERTS & SIDE DISHES               ************

Tempura Fried Ice-Cream4.95

Japanese Mochi Ice-Cream4.50

White Rice 1.00
 Brown Rice 1.00
  House Sauce .75



Thai Iced Tea $2.50

Japanese Soda $2.75
 (Regular, Strawberry, Orange, hawaiian blue, Lychee)
Can Soda ( Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Sprite) $1.25
Snapple(Peach, Lemon, Raspberry, mango, fruit punch, kiwi strawberry) $1.85
Aloe Honey Drink $1.99
Note: Consumption of raw or under cooked meat, poultry, seafood or egg may increase your risk of foodborne illness

 ***Prices subject to change without notice.
                               *Please let us know if you have any food allergies as not all ingredients are listed in the menu.*                                     

   * Mild    ** Medium *** Very Spicy

Thank You!